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Do Argentinians only beat Colombians in Football? check these beats out

Is it like rock in britain where they were outrocking the inventors of rock with the brit invasion?
Well It would be a nice thing if we had an argentinian invasion in Colombia . But Cumbia….No more Charly no more Fito please….
Let’s swap Fito Paez for HIjo de la Cumbia and Charly Garcia for Sandro Dalepedro ..Please , I do hate Charly and Colombians can’t seem to get enough of these people, their music is tired.. a copy of a copy, Charly wants to be Lennon and Fito wants to be Charly …. say no more… jejej now Sandro Delpedro wants to be Sandro Delpedro …judge youselves

love this song called Cumbia Junk …it is broken, glithy, wobbly and so not junk. art. ArtCumbia

Sandro Dalepedro – Cumbia Junk by sylordub-sandro dalepedro


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  1. * heartinmigration says:

    nice one! didn´t hear it before you wrote the comment. good site. xx

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
    • * newcumbia says:

      Thnx man, I like your place 2, luv the baile funk pieces and the punk…by the way I’m working on a cumbia- punk connection post with Joe Strummer kissing an Andres landero Tape…some colombian punk to cumbia band evolutions and stuff maybe you’ll like it… cheers from Kolombia

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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