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Cumbia, marihuana, porros and more porros

Porro is the latinamerican name for marijuana joint but it is also the name of a rythm with deep connections to Cumbia.

This is the great CABUYA from Bucaramanga. A shame they broke up but on the other hand two geat bands came out: VELANDIA Y LA TIGRA and MALALMA.
Sergio Arias, the singer in the next song, used to be in Sidestepper and was later replaced by Pernett who later quit and asked Sergio to sing in his own album ARBOL. mmmm connections.
The song is called PORRO and they obviously play with both meanings as it is from the soundtrack of a Colombian movie called EL CIELO where a priest played by Salvatore Basilo gives marihuana or “bareta” as it is known in Colombia to terminal patients in a poor hospital. cool vid. cool song.

So we learned that Marihuana has different names: Bareta and Porro let’s go to the Atlantic Coast and they call it Mariacachafa which is the name of the next song by Pernett Sounds like a Mapalé with the classic cumbia yelps. huipitiii!!! I’m justing guessing what Pernett and Sergio did while they weren’t recording.
It smelled like mariacahafa my bro, ENJOY THE JOINT:

The connections don’t stop here
Lisandro Mesa from the legendary CORRALEROS DEL MAJAGUAL asked Pernett if he could cover this song…, Alfredo Gutierrez and Lisandro Mesa were known to be weed smokers as a matter of fact Lisandro has sung about it: ” tus caricias son como una marihuana que me traba” “your caresses are like a joint that gets me high” in his song “Adicción”

There we have it, indisbutable proof of weed as a recurring theme in the old school and the new school
I salivate just by thinking of what’ll Lisandro will do to Pernett’s song.


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