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Calle 13 investigating Folklor in Colombia

An awesome production narrated by Rene from Calle 13 in the Atlantic coast of Colombia.
They start in Palenque de San Basilo, the mythical land of the first free black men in the American continent.
These people are the traditional rythm keepers from africa,all undiluted, they still speak african dialects in Palenque de san Basilo. mysterious , black, Yoruba roots.
As a guest for a meal , he has to kill the chicken…it’s his first time….he was cool about it.
The other guests were the Gaiteros de San jacinto the Land of Andres Landero ..The Land where the Faroto Natives invented the Gaitas. It’s a representation of the birth of cumbia, black and native in Bolivar the department whichh is the mother of Cumbia. Palenque is a piece of Africa in america…this is deep shiz here.
Eduardo Cabra A.K.A “Visitante” compares the the old school and new school salsa with the young Gaitero players and their older teachers.
An Accordeon player sings about astronomy which isn’t a strange topic since the Kogui indians would dance to the planets in our solar system. From Palenque they go to the Snowy sierra to visit these Kogui natives and talk about the planet, the sacred Coca leaf or ayo as they call it there and the way the stupid white man misuses the plant.


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