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San Andres Dancehall/Bogota HIp HOp , Salsa Connection tomorrow nite.

The Band: MADERA FINA ….. Actually I liked more the name Quemadera Fina since they don’t like to smoke cheap weed.
Seriously ..Once I offered them some and I know it wasn’t the highest quality but they wouldnt take a puff.
I don’t give a damn if using the word Ghetto is not politically correct nowadays but fuck it because THIS IS GHETTO MUSIC

Siniestro: “Estilo Bajo “rapper and nowadays Salsa Soul Singing with hip hop flow
Pina: Percussionist for “Dub Killer Combo” from San Andres Island on drums
Pablo Gaviria : ex “BOmba Stereo” now with “Pulenta” on MPC ,and programmin
Javier: Another islander from San Andres…JAh lives!!! on Bass groove power
Alvaro Gaviria: “Pulenta “drummer playing funky keyboards here.
Me (Sutanito): Electric Guitar

When and where? :
TOmorrow Night ..Bogota @ Kea Bar Carrera 14 #83-37….

Sorry no Cumbias …..that’s coming soon !


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