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Kinky Electric cumbia….by K.E.N for the ghetto fabulous.

Kinky Electric Noise …..talkin’ about the origins and the pressent of cumbia…nice insightful and beat-full tune…we can hear Leonor Gonzales Mina AKA La Negra grande de Colombia being repitched for a sweet effect..
This is from their own bio :

Kinky Electric Noise combines the musical and cultural influences of Latin America (cumbia, porro, vallenato, chicha and champeta) and the Caribbean (dub, reggae, dancehall and soca) with the bass heavy sounds of hip hop and electro. Campesino and costeƱo music for the ghetto fabulous.

EPHNIKO, Kinky Electric Noise and Carlito Sway – Yo Me Llamo Cumbia (Unmastered) by Kinky Electric Noise


More on DJ Orion, cumbia and zoophilia in the Atlantic coast.

DJ Orion and his Carajo Colombia from some months ago… nice art

In the album there’s a classic of zoophiliac tunes…Mi burrita….My donkey…Eliseo hasn’t seen his girlfriend in a while so he went to the backwoods to see her….My donkey mua mua mua and it goes something like this…

La Burita (Orion Edit) by dj_Orion

Colombian African “Made In Texas”…..and london

Orion Rafael Garcia Padilla or Dj Orion .Colombian dad Puertorican mom so he’s part Cumbia part Salsa. Creative artist living in Texas , here remixing ISA GT the Paisa Girl livin’in London.

Pa Las Mamasitas (Chief Boima & Orion Remix) – Isa GT by dj_Orion

Deep Bass Cumbia from Argentina

Fauna remixed by Frikstailers. Love that B-line, too bad I got sick and couldn’t go see them here in Bogota.

Fauna – Piratas del zanjon (Frikstailers Remix) by FRIKSTAILERS

Cumbia and Politics in Colombia

Election day tomorrow…. Hope Santos doesn’t win….many links to paramilitaries…by the way there’s a cumbia on the topic.
Lisandro AKA The king without a crown made this little ditty with a wordplay with para politico which means “to be a politician” or parapolitico which means politician with links to paramilitaries…In the vid he tells kids to study to be doctors, painters, soccer players but not to be politicians …enjoy

Colombian baile-funk and electro-cumbia-clash with ISA GT.

Innerview and mix with this awesome paisa girl. MC, DJ, folklor lover, video artist, cool label with MAN recordings behind her. Seems like a sweet girl. Just played Coachella.
There’s a nice wobbly cumbia mix by her starting at around 29:00
Entrevista y mezcla con esta paisa que vive en Londres y le ha ido muy bien como MC y DJ. Es producida por la importante MAN recordings de Inglaterra los cuales le estan dando bombo en coachella, sxsw, NY, eventos en la Florida y en los principales music blogs como Maddecent del prolifico DIPLO (MIA, Santigold, Robyn, Snoop Dog etc..).
Oiganla ….varias cumbias sabrosongas y otras cosillas:


Joe’s Salsified Cumbia

Great arrangements, great voice, great song period.
An epic Cumbia with a salsa feel

Joe Arroyo ….Godlike figure in Colombia with numerous massive hits.

Suave Bruta

Colombia will dance w/ the Frikstailers tomorrow night.

Hey folks, I’m back from a trip in the wilderness, no laptop, no news about people being spied on by the President, nothing but trees,both kinds jejeje..
So I come back 2 the city and first thing I hear is that the Frikstailers are playing in teatro metro in Bogota next fri night. sweet, I’m there…..tell you about it on Saturday baby!!!!!

a little taste of the freakysounds on this kickass vid>

Calle 13 investigating Folklor in Colombia

An awesome production narrated by Rene from Calle 13 in the Atlantic coast of Colombia.
They start in Palenque de San Basilo, the mythical land of the first free black men in the American continent.
These people are the traditional rythm keepers from africa,all undiluted, they still speak african dialects in Palenque de san Basilo. mysterious , black, Yoruba roots.
As a guest for a meal , he has to kill the chicken…it’s his first time….he was cool about it.
The other guests were the Gaiteros de San jacinto the Land of Andres Landero ..The Land where the Faroto Natives invented the Gaitas. It’s a representation of the birth of cumbia, black and native in Bolivar the department whichh is the mother of Cumbia. Palenque is a piece of Africa in america…this is deep shiz here.
Eduardo Cabra A.K.A “Visitante” compares the the old school and new school salsa with the young Gaitero players and their older teachers.
An Accordeon player sings about astronomy which isn’t a strange topic since the Kogui indians would dance to the planets in our solar system. From Palenque they go to the Snowy sierra to visit these Kogui natives and talk about the planet, the sacred Coca leaf or ayo as they call it there and the way the stupid white man misuses the plant.

CUMBIA from the 90’s

Punk infused Cumbia, there was atercio’s Candela before Bombastereso’s Fuego.

great live version with accordeon