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Pernett covers Blue Monday and Bomba Estereo does Pump up the Jam

Pernett and that famous New Order riff on cumbiafied accordeon feel feat. Lido Pimiento , very tasteful

Bomba Estereo having fun (bacilando) with pump up the jam in champeta/cumbia style


ZZK’s Fauna /VillaDiamante feat. Pernett freestyling

Oh man, what a night last friday thanks to the freaky friday organizers…they bring international cumbia peeps mixed with our local futuristic sound.
Nice people those argentinians , so low key and down to earth they are exactly the opposite of what colombians think of argentos (arrogant, stuck up etc..)
Some dubspetty cumbia, mixed with argentinian raggae rappin style, mindboggling bass sounds and a drunken Pernett rappin about weed , later on he got even more drunk and rapped about ganja and after he was wasted he sang about the medicine wonders of …yeah you guessed… marijuana.
Beautiful girls! Black , white ,brown and everything in between …just swirling their hips to the cumbia swing, raising the tension, the place was so packed and hot it was impossible feeling their hips and naked shoulders.
Looking foreward to the next freaky friday baby!!!!

Those legs…Rihanna and Rodolfo Aicardi’s Colegiala

I first heard/saw this on the maddecent site and I can definitely picture her singing to the cumbia beat dressed like this.

Rihanna – Rudeboy (MAFFI Remix vs Copia Doble) by COPIA DOBLE SON SYSTEMA

Copia Doble Son Systema made it come true.

This is from their Soundcloud bio.

The duo Copyfokking and the nuevo cumbia outfit named Copia Doble Son Systema is run by the producers Jens Fokking, Dj Er Du Dum Eller Hvad, Pepita and Copyflex.
Maia “Pepita” Hauser, Caracas, Venezuela (canta, flautas, teclado, bailerina)
Andres “Lalo” Pacheco, Bogota, Colombia (canto, percussion, dansaor)
Ivancho Watt, Bogota, Colombia (tambores, percussion)
Mikkel “Pizzikuto” Stange, Copenhague, Denmark (teclados, percussion)
Nando Zet, Bogota, Colombia (marimba, quatro, basso, melodica)
Copyflex, Stavanger, Norway (computadora, teclados, basso, director de orquesta)

Dj Copyflex (Tropical Bass)
DJ Spinello (Lækker Lytter)
DJ Nikee (Tropical Bass)
Dj Kun.stig (New Folder)
Boody B (Palms Out)

El Mago …Pernett

Pernett : Kmbia Raver from Barranquilla turned cumbia shaman.
Recently moved to Cali, had a kid and went mystical…well cumbia’s origins are mystical then it’s only natural. I’ve heard that Porro rythms were the ones used to honor Obatalá the African Yoruba God of creation and on this side of the atlantic the Kogi tribes native dances were adapted either dancing to the other planets in the solar system (dancing in a square) or fertility and crops (dancing in a circle).
This is a short documentary produced by Fabio Garcia on his new album and new topics but as always in the goodvibe zone.

Sounds of Bogota with RetroVisor and DJ Fresh

Band from Bogotá samplin’ Colombian grooves for their 2008 album Amazonas S.O.S
La mecánica by RetroVisor

DJ FRESH …Colombian Hip Hop DJ doin’ his tumbao’ in I am Bogota….and this vid IS Bogotá

Trippy cumbia trout

DJ Trucha used to be the DJ in Cabuya an early 00’s tropical rock band from Bucaramanga. The time of the Cumbia DJ has come.
I’ll try to post some cool cumbia’s by DJ Fresh from Bogotá. For now DJ Trucha