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Dargelos and Dante in a cumbia…Cumpa mero mero

2 90’s icons from latin rock a Babasonico and a Kuriaki from Argentina rappin with mexicanisms doin’ a peruvian cumbia which is originally from Colombia.

Dargelo’s has got to be one of my favorite lyricists in castellano…it’s fun 2 hear him in a cumbia….
De todas las mentiras te prefiero a ti vida mia.


Rihanna Colegiala correction…oooops

I don’t know who to blame, the colombian media, Rodolfo Aicardi, myself for not knowing peruvian cumbia that much…
all I know is they have these great surf guitar sounds, psychodelia from the 70’s . Colegiala’s author is WALTER LEON from Peru …this one played by Los Mirlos another classic song I’ve heard all my life iis also Walter ‘s baby.

BogoToy Selectah downtown Bogota

Intl’ NewCumbia star walkin’the streets of Bogota….

Cumbia from the land down under

Yes..Australians doin’ cumbia’s… goes by the name of Lewis Cancut (Luis Puedecortar). Here’s a couple: A cumbia Cienagera refix and a Sonido del Principe remix, enjoy the cumbia mates!

Cumbia Theme by lewis cancut

Can Of Drink (Sonido Del Principe Remix) (320) by lewis cancut

San Andres Dancehall/Bogota HIp HOp , Salsa Connection tomorrow nite.

The Band: MADERA FINA ….. Actually I liked more the name Quemadera Fina since they don’t like to smoke cheap weed.
Seriously ..Once I offered them some and I know it wasn’t the highest quality but they wouldnt take a puff.
I don’t give a damn if using the word Ghetto is not politically correct nowadays but fuck it because THIS IS GHETTO MUSIC

Siniestro: “Estilo Bajo “rapper and nowadays Salsa Soul Singing with hip hop flow
Pina: Percussionist for “Dub Killer Combo” from San Andres Island on drums
Pablo Gaviria : ex “BOmba Stereo” now with “Pulenta” on MPC ,and programmin
Javier: Another islander from San Andres…JAh lives!!! on Bass groove power
Alvaro Gaviria: “Pulenta “drummer playing funky keyboards here.
Me (Sutanito): Electric Guitar

When and where? :
TOmorrow Night ..Bogota @ Kea Bar Carrera 14 #83-37….

Sorry no Cumbias …..that’s coming soon !

New Cumbia mix outside of Colombia

Argentos, Mexicans,Americans, Puertricans from a mix from 2 years ago by Soundgoods/ with important songs for the rebirth of cumbia as a key dance and songwriting vehicle reminding us of the treasures from Colombia.

Nueva Cumbia Mix

01 DJ Negro – Cumbia Rabiosa Feat. Capleton
02 Celso Pina – Cumbia Sobre El Rio
03 El Hijo De La Cumbia – La Mara Tomaza
04 Villa Diamante – Fauna vs. Black Eyed Peas
05 Zurita – Back To The Punk
06 Obama Cumbia
07 El Remolon – Andres Lanredo vs. Madonna
08 Calle 13 – La Cumbia de Los Aburridos
09 DJ Blaqstarr – Shake It To The Ground (Chico Sonido Psych Cumbia Beat)
10 Grupo Kien? – Cumbia Nueva
11 Chancha Via Circuito – Cumbia Malembe
12 The Peronists – Cumbia Check In Ura
13 El Trip Selector – Cumbiancherita
14 Fantasma – Danza Fantasma
15 Sonido Martines – Stone Guacharaca

Petrona the Cumbia Queen remezclada

From 2009 …Uproot Andy from NY mixing a classic sung by Petrona Martinez

La Vida Vale La Pena (uproot andy rmx) by Uproot Andy

Those legs…Rihanna and Rodolfo Aicardi’s Colegiala

I first heard/saw this on the maddecent site and I can definitely picture her singing to the cumbia beat dressed like this.

Rihanna – Rudeboy (MAFFI Remix vs Copia Doble) by COPIA DOBLE SON SYSTEMA

Copia Doble Son Systema made it come true.

This is from their Soundcloud bio.

The duo Copyfokking and the nuevo cumbia outfit named Copia Doble Son Systema is run by the producers Jens Fokking, Dj Er Du Dum Eller Hvad, Pepita and Copyflex.
Maia “Pepita” Hauser, Caracas, Venezuela (canta, flautas, teclado, bailerina)
Andres “Lalo” Pacheco, Bogota, Colombia (canto, percussion, dansaor)
Ivancho Watt, Bogota, Colombia (tambores, percussion)
Mikkel “Pizzikuto” Stange, Copenhague, Denmark (teclados, percussion)
Nando Zet, Bogota, Colombia (marimba, quatro, basso, melodica)
Copyflex, Stavanger, Norway (computadora, teclados, basso, director de orquesta)

Dj Copyflex (Tropical Bass)
DJ Spinello (Lækker Lytter)
DJ Nikee (Tropical Bass)
Dj Kun.stig (New Folder)
Boody B (Palms Out)

Kinky Electric cumbia….by K.E.N for the ghetto fabulous.

Kinky Electric Noise …..talkin’ about the origins and the pressent of cumbia…nice insightful and beat-full tune…we can hear Leonor Gonzales Mina AKA La Negra grande de Colombia being repitched for a sweet effect..
This is from their own bio :

Kinky Electric Noise combines the musical and cultural influences of Latin America (cumbia, porro, vallenato, chicha and champeta) and the Caribbean (dub, reggae, dancehall and soca) with the bass heavy sounds of hip hop and electro. Campesino and costeño music for the ghetto fabulous.

EPHNIKO, Kinky Electric Noise and Carlito Sway – Yo Me Llamo Cumbia (Unmastered) by Kinky Electric Noise

More on DJ Orion, cumbia and zoophilia in the Atlantic coast.

DJ Orion and his Carajo Colombia from some months ago… nice art

In the album there’s a classic of zoophiliac tunes…Mi burrita….My donkey…Eliseo hasn’t seen his girlfriend in a while so he went to the backwoods to see her….My donkey mua mua mua and it goes something like this…

La Burita (Orion Edit) by dj_Orion