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ZZK’s Fauna /VillaDiamante feat. Pernett freestyling

Oh man, what a night last friday thanks to the freaky friday organizers…they bring international cumbia peeps mixed with our local futuristic sound.
Nice people those argentinians , so low key and down to earth they are exactly the opposite of what colombians think of argentos (arrogant, stuck up etc..)
Some dubspetty cumbia, mixed with argentinian raggae rappin style, mindboggling bass sounds and a drunken Pernett rappin about weed , later on he got even more drunk and rapped about ganja and after he was wasted he sang about the medicine wonders of …yeah you guessed… marijuana.
Beautiful girls! Black , white ,brown and everything in between …just swirling their hips to the cumbia swing, raising the tension, the place was so packed and hot it was impossible feeling their hips and naked shoulders.
Looking foreward to the next freaky friday baby!!!!


BogoToy Selectah downtown Bogota

Intl’ NewCumbia star walkin’the streets of Bogota….

Kinky Electric cumbia….by K.E.N for the ghetto fabulous.

Kinky Electric Noise …..talkin’ about the origins and the pressent of cumbia…nice insightful and beat-full tune…we can hear Leonor Gonzales Mina AKA La Negra grande de Colombia being repitched for a sweet effect..
This is from their own bio :

Kinky Electric Noise combines the musical and cultural influences of Latin America (cumbia, porro, vallenato, chicha and champeta) and the Caribbean (dub, reggae, dancehall and soca) with the bass heavy sounds of hip hop and electro. Campesino and costeño music for the ghetto fabulous.

EPHNIKO, Kinky Electric Noise and Carlito Sway – Yo Me Llamo Cumbia (Unmastered) by Kinky Electric Noise

Calle 13 investigating Folklor in Colombia

An awesome production narrated by Rene from Calle 13 in the Atlantic coast of Colombia.
They start in Palenque de San Basilo, the mythical land of the first free black men in the American continent.
These people are the traditional rythm keepers from africa,all undiluted, they still speak african dialects in Palenque de san Basilo. mysterious , black, Yoruba roots.
As a guest for a meal , he has to kill the chicken…it’s his first time….he was cool about it.
The other guests were the Gaiteros de San jacinto the Land of Andres Landero ..The Land where the Faroto Natives invented the Gaitas. It’s a representation of the birth of cumbia, black and native in Bolivar the department whichh is the mother of Cumbia. Palenque is a piece of Africa in america…this is deep shiz here.
Eduardo Cabra A.K.A “Visitante” compares the the old school and new school salsa with the young Gaitero players and their older teachers.
An Accordeon player sings about astronomy which isn’t a strange topic since the Kogui indians would dance to the planets in our solar system. From Palenque they go to the Snowy sierra to visit these Kogui natives and talk about the planet, the sacred Coca leaf or ayo as they call it there and the way the stupid white man misuses the plant.

Cumbia del clitoris

MumBai Mafia with the clit cumbia. heavy , distorted cumbia from Belgium.
My theory is that Colegiala was an international hit for Rodolfo Aicadi, 40 years later kids find this in their grandparents collection and caught the cumbia fever.

Cumbia del Clitoris by MumBai Mafia

CUMBIA in LONDON on KISS fm with Sinden, DJ Hoff and Spank Rock

feb 2010, 3 cumbia mixes on a very popular radio show

The cumbias are:
Super Guachin – Me Fume El Fichin – CDR
 at 7:19
Sabo And Cassady – Kuff Cumbia – Bersa Discos
 at 10:56 in Sindens mix.
In the Spank Rock, Dj Hoff mix there’s Petrona Martinez edited by Uproot Andy with “La Vida vale la pena” at 43:58
life is woth living
This mix was posted in the Maddecent site with sounds from around the world which valen la pena :

Do Argentinians only beat Colombians in Football? check these beats out

Is it like rock in britain where they were outrocking the inventors of rock with the brit invasion?
Well It would be a nice thing if we had an argentinian invasion in Colombia . But Cumbia….No more Charly no more Fito please….
Let’s swap Fito Paez for HIjo de la Cumbia and Charly Garcia for Sandro Dalepedro ..Please , I do hate Charly and Colombians can’t seem to get enough of these people, their music is tired.. a copy of a copy, Charly wants to be Lennon and Fito wants to be Charly …. say no more… jejej now Sandro Delpedro wants to be Sandro Delpedro …judge youselves

love this song called Cumbia Junk …it is broken, glithy, wobbly and so not junk. art. ArtCumbia

Sandro Dalepedro – Cumbia Junk by sylordub-sandro dalepedro

039 the song , 039 the Artist

Alejo Durán the Accordeon King sang the original 039 , an old song about a girl getting kiddnapped by a taxi. (I guess it’s always been like that in Colombia).
Ay es que me duele, y es que me duele y es que me duele valgame Dios,
039, 039, 039 se la llevo
Mi negra se fue llorando y a mí esa cosa me duele
Se le llevo un maldito carro aquel 039.

Well the post isn’t about the dangers of living in Colombia or even about that song , 039 is also the name of a tropical electronic project by Mauricio Alvarez from Bogota.
He closed the cool Festival Centro in Bogota…Where Sonido Martines , Pernett and a bunch more played.

Estate cumbia M 2 by traplev

El Mago …Pernett

Pernett : Kmbia Raver from Barranquilla turned cumbia shaman.
Recently moved to Cali, had a kid and went mystical…well cumbia’s origins are mystical then it’s only natural. I’ve heard that Porro rythms were the ones used to honor Obatalá the African Yoruba God of creation and on this side of the atlantic the Kogi tribes native dances were adapted either dancing to the other planets in the solar system (dancing in a square) or fertility and crops (dancing in a circle).
This is a short documentary produced by Fabio Garcia on his new album and new topics but as always in the goodvibe zone.

Cumbé: African name for Cumbia…. so now we have Electrocumbé.

50 years ago Pacho Galan combined elements of Merengue ans Cumbia and it was called Merecumbé.

Ivan Benavidez, amazing songwriter and forefather of post-modern cumbias with the legendary BLOQUE  and   a member of SIDESTEPER, dreamed up this one, enjoy :